NEW Garage Door Installations in Pittsburgh, PA 

Choosing a New Garage Door can be hard, with all the choices out there .

Here at Samson Garage Doors we can help make it easier for you. 

   Free Estimates on New Garage Doors

We know your time is valuable so we are here to help , you tell us what day and time is best for you and we will do our best to accommodate you and your schedule we have live customer service professionals that  can take your call from 6am-9pm 

 Our team of Garage Door Installation Technicians in Pittsburgh, PA will assist you with every step of the process  from taking measurements to helping you choose which type of garage door is best for you and your budget.

 Our technicians are equipped with full color brochures in addition to garage door samples which can aid you in making the right choices, once your measurements are completed you are supplied with a fully detailed written estimate that is easy to read and understand  these are sent out via email or post mail the same day with a price that is guaranteed for up to  30 days. 


 Our offices are open, come by our showroom to see samples of what we have to offer. 

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Insulated Garage Doors 
3 Layer Polyurethane
3 Layer Polystyrene  

 A New Garage Door Installation is a great way of upgrading to an Insulated Garage Door  this will help keep your home insulated throughout the changing seasons by keeping your garage warmer in the winter and cooler in the summertime.

If your Garage Door is attached to your home either on the side or under your home then you should consider the investment.

 New Insulated Garage Doors will save you money on your heating and cooling energy bills.

Clopays 3 layer doors come in r values of 6.5  / 9.0 /  12.9 / 18.4

 4 layer doors have a 18.4 r value and  5 layer doors have a 20.4. r value.

        **Call to speak to one of garage door specialist for more information 


 Not available on Models 4050 or 4053. Additional charges apply

Colors vary based on model choice. Speak to one of garage door specialist for more information 

 Non-Insulated Garage Doors 

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  Not everyone in Pittsburgh needs an Insulated Garage Door

Whether your garage is unattached to your home, or your on a budget we are here for you!

Affordable New Garage Doors in Pittsburgh are still made and available, they offer the same security but without the added insulation.

Single Layer Garage Doors from Clopay are made of galvanized steel that have a finished top coat and are available in five color choices at no extra cost. 

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