The Underrated Operating Cable

Operating Cables, one of the most important mechanics in a garage door that homeowners know nothing about, here is some insight to how important they are.

Contrary to popular belief the lifting mechanism of your door has little to do with the garage door opener. It’s actually the garage door springs homeowners can thank for the smooth, effortless way the door is lifted up and tucked away into the ceiling of the garage. But the springs themselves are not connected directly to the door. Instead, they’re connected to pulleys or drums over which run cables which transfer the energy of the springs to the task of lifting the door. Typically there is one cable on each side of the door. If either of these cables break the door will raise and lower unevenly and will eventually fail altogether.

So if your door is struggling to open or if you see a wire hanging down then your cable has snapped. Call us at Samson Garage Doors we can get your garage door up and operating the same day.


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